Time Tracking for Agencies

Timenotes combines all the necessary time tracking and profitability tracking tools with a customisable, intuitive interface to make it the ultimate time tracker for agencies all around the world.

Timenotes Timesheet App

What is Timenotes?

Timenotes is a time tracking software that helps your organisation tick. Create projects and tasks or import them from other apps, track billable hours, clients and project profitability, manage team absences and generate reports tailored to your needs.

Adding time logs and tracking time is incredibly easy and can be done via the Timenotes app and Timenotes Chrome browser extension. Alerts, permissions and integrations enable you to customise the app to your liking.

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Understand how time is spent

With Timenotes timesheets and reports you will be able to gain insight into how much time is spent on each project, task or client. Track how much time each member is contributing to the end goal.

Track your budget

Set up members' billable rates and specify the project budget to track expences on agency activities. Monitor profitability based on members' hourly rates and available resources. Set up alerts to notify you about the drying up of funds.

Generate professional reports

Turn your agency timesheet into a slick, professional report in your desired format using the Timenotes software. Use our filters to include only the necessary elements in your report.

Import, customise and integrate

Timenotes lets you integrate with common workplace apps such as Trello, Asana, Todoist, Github and Basecamp. Track time in these apps using the Timenotes tracker and/or import projects from these apps to Timenotes. Customise your settings by configuring member permissions, alerts and many more for maximum comfort.

Why track time with Timenotes?

Intuitive software

Extremely easy to use, the Timenotes app saves time for your agency by seamlessly automating mundane aspects of your agency's day-to-day.

Flat fee

Timenotes offers all premium features for 35$, for all organisations, no matter their size. The software is free for teams up to 5 members.

Variety of features

The Timenotes software is designed to meet every agency need. This is accomplished by compiling necessary as well as additional features.

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