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time tracker Chrome extension

Timenotes time tracker Chrome extension
Timenotes Timesheet App

Timenotes Chrome Extension will always be with you!

This simple Google Chrome extension will always be available in your toolbar and add time tracking buttons to your tasks Trello & Basecamp. They are seamlessly embedded into the interface and intuitive to use. See for yourself!

Install Timenotes time tracking extension!

What else do you get with Timenotes?

Hassle-free reporting

Generate customised reports in minutes! Filter data and export into the format you and your clients prefer: CSV, PDF or XLS.

Time report based on time logs added in Chrome extension

Time tracking app displayed on phones and computer

Web and mobile access

Don’t worry if you’re working away from your computer. You can install Timenotes mobile app, available for iOS and Android, and track time anywhere.

Transparent timesheets

You can display your timelogs in a daily tracker or monthly timesheet, segregated by tasks and days.

Timesheet presenting time logs in Timenotes

Increase productivity today!

Install timenotes time tracking extension and make every minute count!

Why Timenotes is the best time tracker Chrome extension

Easy and intuitive tool

Timenotes facilitates your daily work and allows you to focus on your primary tasks and productive work. The time tracking extension and entire Timenotes software are designed to be easy to use and intuitive. You and your employees will not have to struggle with the new tool and learn how to use it. Just after 5min, you are able to report time in Timenotes!

Variety of features

Timenotes is much more than just time tracker Chrome extension. It offers a wide range of useful features e.g. attendance tracking, reports, profitability tracking. It gathers in one place all you need to successfully manage your company.

Save time & money

Timenotes helps you and your employees to be more productive and motivated. The saved time translates directly into lower work costs and contributes to your higher profits! Timenotes fee for teams up to 10 members totals 6,99$ per month. If your team is bigger, the fee is 69$ (no limit of users). Both plans include all premium features, time tracker Chrome extension, access to iOS, Android apps and much more!

All inclusive first class plan for you.