Fully Synchronized Github Time Tracking Integration

Timenotes fills a Github's gap and enables you to track time for Github projects and tasks. It is perfectly synchronised so you can access your time data wherever you are and based on that generate powerful reports!

Time tracking for Github projects
Timenotes Timesheet App

Do you miss Github reporting?

Timenotes integration will solve this problem in seconds! Integrate the tools to comfortably report working time of Github tasks and projects. 

Timenotes in a simple to use time tracking app as well as a project and team management tool. Manage clients, user permissions, absences, tasks from one app. Set up a project's budget and billable rates to track the project's profitability.

Timenotes aim is to make your work faster and more enjoyable. We believe that after a month you will not be able to imagine your daily work without Timenotes, that is why we offer completely free 30 days trial with all premium features included!

Smooth integration process

Connect both apps to import and track time for Github projects and tasks in Timenotes. To do this, sign up and access the "Integration" section on the sidebar, then click "Connect". To sync a Github project into Timenotes, go into "Projects" and click "Add new project". Select the project you want to track and decide, whether tasks can be created outside of Github. By default, tasks can only be created via a Github account. After those quick steps, you are ready to start using Github time tracking!

Integrating Timenotes-time tracker with Github

Adding project to Github time tracker

Create tasks in Timenotes

With the import of a Github project, tasks are also included. Use them in the time tracking process, to specify, what you're working on. Decide, if new tasks can be created via Timenotes and whether the tasks created there should be synced to your Github account. Configure who can create tasks within your organisation.

Track time or add time logs

To start tracking time access the "Timer" section on the sidebar and click "Log time". Select the project and task you're working on and click "Start tracking". Leaving the date and time untouched enables the time tracking process. To log time, do the same, just remember to add the date and time. 

Adding time logs to Github projects

Take advantage of Timenotes and easily track Github projects time!

How Timenotes enhance Github?

Timenotes is not only Github time tracker. Check what other advantages it will give you.


Log timesheet and disable user entries

Rounding up

Round up or down to the nearest 5,10 or 15 minutes


Set up alerts about lack or excess of work hours


Have a clear vision how time is distributed


Assign role to team members and decide who can see what


Customise the app to your liking for a more pleasant experience

iOS & Android apps

Access Github time tracker whenever you want using iOS or Android app


Set cost and billable rates and easily stick to the budget

Why to choose Timenotes as the best Github time tracking solution?

1. Easy And Quick Setup

Set up an account in a matter of seconds, with no credit card required. Importing data into Timenotes can be done quickly and painlessly via a CSV file or via other-app integration.

2. Tasks & Time Logs In Sync

All your tasks will also be visible in Timenotes and synchronise with Github in real-time. Use Timenotes web interface, mobile app, web extension and powerful Timenotes timesheet interface.

3. Flat fee

The Github time tracker costs only 6,99$ for teams up to 10 members, for bigger teams, the price totals 69$ per month. In both cases the price is flat and always stays on the same level, no matter the size of company . Both versions include all premium features. Check 30 days free trial.

Looking for Github time tracking? Check how Timenotes works!