Todoist Time Tracking

With Timenotes, you will be able to track time on your Todoist projects and tasks. Timenotes - Todoist integration seamlessly syncs your Todoist projects into Timenotes, enabling you to measure time spent on projects and tasks.

Timenotes Timesheet App

What is Timenotes?

Timenotes is a time tracking software as well as a project and team management tool, designed to free up time in organisations. Manage projects, tasks and clients, user permissions and absences. Set up a project budget and billable rates to track project profitability.

All of these features are available in a slick, intuitive interface, that will become second nature to your organisation in a matter of hours.

Timenotes is FREE for teams with up to 5 members. If you have a larger organisation, give Timenotes a try with our free 1 month trial!

Smooth integration process

Connect both apps to import Todoist projects and tasks into Timenotes. To do this, access the "Integration" section on the sidebar, then click "Connect". To sync a Todoist project into Timenotes, go into "Projects" and click "Add new project". Select the project you want to track and decide, whether tasks can be created outside of Todoist. By default, tasks can only be created via a Todoist account.

Create tasks in Timenotes

With the import of a Todoist project, tasks are also included. Use them in the time tracking process, to specify, what you're working on. Decide, if new tasks can be created via Timenotes and whether the tasks created there should be synced to your Todoist account. Configure who can create tasks within your organisation.

Track time or add time logs

To start tracking time access the "Timer" section on the sidebar and click "Log time". Select the project and task you're working on and click "Start tracking". Leaving the date and time untouched enables the time tracking process. Closing the Timenotes tab does not result in pausing of tracking. To log time, do the same, just remember to add the date and time. Remember, that you can do both these things on the go, using the Timenotes mobile app. Tracking and logging time on Todoist projects has never been this easy!

Take advantage of Timenotes software

Take full advantage of Timenotes software and analyse time spent on projects and tasks. Browse user timesheets, as well as reports. Use filters to help you better understand the ins and outs of your work. Generate professional reports in CSV, PDF or XLS. Set up members' billable rates and a project budget to track project profitability. Customise your Timenotes account, so that the software fits your needs even better.

Why start using Timenotes?

Intuitive time tracking

Timenotes has proved to be an effective time tracker for all types of organisations. Track time on your phone or via the Chrome extension, always with minimum effort.

Quick setup

Set up an account in a matter of seconds, with no credit card required. Importing data into Timenotes can be done quickly and painlessly via a CSV file or via other-app integration.

Flat fee

Timenotes offers all premium features and functionalities for 35$, for all organisations, no matter their size. The software is free for teams with up to 5 members.

Start tracking time with Timenotes!