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Timenotes attorney timesheet software allows you to seamlessly track your billable client work in one place and export crystal
clear billing reports in no time.

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What is Timenotes?

Timenotes is an attorney time tracking software which gathers all features to effectively manage time and tasks within a company. 

Timenotes enable you to track time of your employee, assign billable rates to project or employee and based on reliable data generate professional-looking reports for a client. Timenotes will facilitate your daily work, save your time and allow you and your team to focus on priorities instead of unproductive work such as filling in paper timesheets or struggling with Excel.

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How Timenotes will improve your business?

Track Time On The Go

With Timenotes you can track your work on the go using our mobile iOS and Android applications. Start and stop the timers to track the work when it happens and do not miss any single minute. 

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Track Billable And Non Billable Work

Setup your consulting hourly rate per team member or project and let us calculate your billing reports for your work. You can filter the reports by client, project and team members and any legal tasks you need to do. Fixed budget project? Setup those in project settings and we will let you know when it's exceeded, it is that simple!

Birds Eye View Of Your Team Work

Stop struggle to find out who works on which project! Invite your team members to Timenotes workspace to see exactly who is working on which tasks, who is on holidays and who is not tracking his time properly to improve the profitability of your business.

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Why should you give Timenotes a try?

Free 30 Days Trial

You can enjoy unlimited plan for 30 days trial period with access to all the features. Onboard yourself and your company to give it a chance and see how we can improve your business.

Flat Fee

No matter how many people work at your company the maximum cost of Timenotes is $69/month total, so you do not need to worry that your cost will increase, this is the best plan right now, there is no catch!

Freelancers & Small teams

In case your team is up to 10 members, you can take advantage of the freelancers & small businesses plan. The total cost is 6,99$ per month. It includes all premium features, the only difference between 6,99$ plan and 69$ plan is the users limit.

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