Freelance Time Tracking App

Need keep track of your freelance work? Timenotes will help you track your freelance time and get paid for every single minute of your work!

Check out why Timenotes is the best time tracker for freelancers and how it will help boost your contract work productivity and profitability!

Freelance time tracking benefits

Export And Share Client Reports

As a contractor you will generate timesheet reports and filter data to export it into the format you and your clients prefer:

  • CSV
  • PDF
  • XLS
Contractor time reports

Freelance invoicing

Setup And Track Billable Rates

Setup your default billable rate and customise it per project  to track your work profitability and share the detailed work reports with your contractor work clients. premium feature

Track Work Time Anywhere

Don’t worry if you’re working away from your computer. You can install Timenotes mobile app, available for iOS and Android, and track your contractor time anywhere.

ios and android time trackers

time tracking integrations

Connect Project Management Tools

Connect Timenotes to your favourite project management software to track time directly in its interface and synchronise all the tasks. We support Asana, Trello and Basecamp, more to come!


Why to choose Timenotes as the best freelancer time tracker?

1. Easy And Quick Setup

Getting started with timenotes is intuitive and easy. Sign up with your google account or email, setup the projects and rates and you are ready to go. It takes 3 minutes to get started and improve the track record of your billable work.

2. Trusted by 1000+ freelancers

More than a thousdand of freelancers use timenotes to track their time and provide the time reports of billable rates and hours. Consultants, self-employed, writers. web designers and developers, all kind of freelancers star tracking time with timenotes everyday!

3. Tasks & Time Logs In Sync

Next to tracking the time directly in Timenotes, you can connect your favourite project management tools to synchronise all the tasks you need to track. Use Timenotes web interface, mobile app or web extension and powerful Timenotes timesheet interface to track your freelance time.

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