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Timenotes project time tracker

Timenotes is a task and time tracker dedicated especially for companies which need to track projects hours efficiently but without putting too much effort. With Timenotes, you can easily track projects profitability, manage your budget, generate all necessary reports and many many more.

Timenotes gathers all features which companies may need to successfully track projects hours. You can make sure about that during a free 30 days trial that includes all premium features. We believe that after a month you will not be able to imagine your company without Timenotes!

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How can you take advantage of the project time tracker?

Monitor progress

If your employees use the project time tracker, you are able to constantly monitor progress of projects. Better knowledge concerning the stages of projects helps you to schedule the work more effectively and find any setbacks right after their appearance.

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Calculating projects hours and tracking profitability

Track profitability

Only on the basis of time tracking for projects, you are not able to make reasonable decisions. It is crucial for the business’s success to focus also on profitability tracking for projects. In Timenotes, you can set budgets, cost and billable rates so you are aware what percentage of the budget has been already spent and how much left at your disposal.

Estimate easily

Using the Timer is extremely easy, it requires the user only to click on the start/stop button, so your employees can quickly and without any problem used to logging of working time. If they keep tracking time spent on projects, you can access more accurate information and based on this knowledge, better estimate the potential cost of the project and time required to complete it.

Adding time logs in time tracker for projects

Report for client generated in project time tracker

Please your clients

Thanks to the project time tracker, you can easily provide detailed information concerning working hours spent on the projects to your clients. It helps to build a strong and transparent relationship, give the client a better explanation of what the client pays for.

Features that will help you with tracking time spent on projects


Visualize data and easily draw conclusions


Generate professional reports for clients


Customize limits and be informed about their exceedance


Set a budget for a certain project and stick to them easily with the project time tracker


Access Timenotes on your phone wherever you are


Set cost and billable rates for your employees or projects


Integrate Timenotes with apps that you use (e.g.Asana, Trello, Todoist)


Customize permissions, limits, absences types and many more

Why to choose Timenotes as project time tracker?

Easy setup and time reporting

Getting started with Timenotes, both for you and your employees, is easy and quick. All you need to do is create an account, invite your employees and add projects. Right after that, you can start time tracking for projects in your daily work.

Quick reports generating

Generating reports for the needs of invoicing, payroll or management is an integral part of running any business. With Timenotes, you can freely customize the report and choose what you would like to include there. After the configuration, just select a desired format (PDF, CSV, XLS) and export the file.

Flat and affordable fee

Timenotes enables time tracking for projects at the price of 6,99$ (teams up to 10 members). If your company employs more than 10 people, the fee totals 69$ per month. It always stays at the same level so you do not have to pay additionally for new members. Both versions include all premium features (e.g. absence tracking, budgets). Do not forget about free 30 days trial!

How can employees add their time logs?

There are various ways to log working time. Each of them requires only to choose the task, project and start the tracker. Employees can add time logs from desktops (Timenotes website, Google Chrome extension, integrated apps) or from iOS/ Android apps installed on their phones.

What if an employee forgets to start/stop the project time tracker?

It is not a problem. Timenotes enables editing time logs and adding previous time logs. You can do it right away, even after leaving the office, all you need to do is log into Timenotes on your phone and edit/add a time log.

Can I track attendance in Timenotes?

Timenotes enables much more than just tracking time spent on projects. You can easily configure there all settings concerning tracking attendance such as absences types and limits, workweek specifications so you could track attendance in the most convenient way for you.

Do I have to add projects and previous time logs manually?

There is no need to add them manually to the project time tracker. In order to import the information, you can integrate Timenotes with other apps which you use (e.g. Trello, Asana) or import CSV file containing all information.

Can I assign client and tasks to the projects?

Yes. In order to track project hours more accurately, you can add as many tasks as you need, assign a client and billable rates to the project.

Do members have access to all data?

An administrator chooses whether the project is public or private (only assigned members can see the data concerning the project). The administrator also assigns roles to users (admin, project manager, regular user) and decides who can see a certain type of information.

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