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Timenotes is smart and simple employee vacation tracking software designed especially for you. Finally track your employee absences such as vacation, sick leaves, remote and home office work easily.
Save your time and effort with the PTO tracker.

Employee vacation tracking
Timenotes Timesheet App

What is Timenotes

Timenotes is a robust time off tracker designed for your everyday usage. It removes the necessity of filling out traditional paper timesheets because it manages the data for you.

How does it work? A worker signs in and applies for scheduled absence (paid leave, remote work or vacation). After that, you can right away see the PTO (Paid Time Off) request and decide whether it should be accepted or not.

You can perform employee vacation tracking along with work logs monitoring, so you know who was or was not working on the given day. All of that can be done without using traditional physical cards. Attendance and employee vacation tracker in a single app for optimising your work.

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Create your Timenotes account

Click and sign up for free using your email or Google account in just a few seconds. We do not require any credit card or additional information. To create an account in Timenotes, since we need only your email address, name and password.


Attendace tracker sign up

Employee invitation screen

Invite your employee via email

Onboard team members in seconds by sending email invitations directly to them. All you need to do is put team members' addresses in Timenotes and ask them to confirm invitations. After that, they can start tracking working time and you can easily access all data, track employee attendance, vacation and many more!

Configure types of employee absences and holidays

Setup PTO types that you need. Vacation, sick leave or home office - there are truly endless possible configurations. Import public holidays from Google calendar or add them manually.



Time off tracker types

Employee vacation tracking list

See and track vacation time

Review your employee absences requests and approve or decline them. Timenotes PTO tracker will send you reminders about pending entries.

Time off tracker calendar

Monitor and manage your employee vacation tracking through a simple and powerful calendar. Add, remove, approve and reject team absences here - everything in one place to make your work more efficient.

Track vacation time in calendar

Track vacation time in calendar

Track vacation time and employee attendance

PTO tracker entries can be shown on Timenotes timesheet along with time log entries from your employee attendance tracking. Everything time related clearly presented on the single screen to improve your performance.

Key PTO tracker features

Clear and flexible

Define absence types, sick leaves and holidays adjusted to your needs using many of the configuration options.

PTO requests

Request absence in the given time range in just few clicks. Add comments to help a designated person whatever it should be approved or declined.

Personal absences

Review your own absences to make sure you are aligned with your scheduled plans and their approval status.

PTO tracker calendar

Add, approve or reject new employee vacation tracking entries on a single page. Filter them by the user, type or status to see only the ones you are interested in.

Email remainders

Receive automatic email reminders for pending time off requests. Timenotes will make sure that nothing gets by you.

Powerfull timesheet

Employee vacation tracking and attendance tracking software combined. Now you can fully understand why someone did not attend the meeting or simply was not working because of sick leave.

Do not hesitate and start employee vacation tracking with Timenotes!