Looking for Toggl Alternatives?

Timenotes is the best Toggl time tracker alternative!
See how Timenotes replace Toggl and why it is the best among Toggl alternatives. Track your time, boost your company productivity and profitability with new amazing features!

Toggl alternative benefits

Absence Tracking Fully Integrated

Timenotes fully integrates the absence tracking into centralised timesheet. You can request and approve the team out of office requests, see the banking holidays and get a clear time overview in one view, no more apps switching!

Absence tracking in Toggl alternative

Fixed pricing in Toggl alternative

Fixed Price

Our premium pricing is designed to serve all kinds of businesses. We offer a great plan for 6,99$  per month for teams up to 10 users and a fixed monthly plan for 69$ with no limit of users. You do not need to worry that you pay per person as with Toggl or other Toggl alternatives. Both plans are flat and include all premium features.

Best In-Class Timesheet Overview

You can display your team working hours in our amazing monthly timesheet, aggregated by projects, tasks and days. The timesheet app gives you a best in class overview of what is happening in your company!

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time tracking integrations

Real Tasks Syncing

Connect Timenotes to your favourite project management software to track time directly in its interface and synchronise all the tasks. We support a full Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Github and Todoist tasks integration so all tasks are available in Timenotes and fully synchronise!


Why is Timenotes the best among Toggl alternatives?

1. Easy And Quick Setup

Getting started with the app is intuitive and easy. Sign up with your google account or email, setup the projects and rates and you are ready to go. It takes 3 minutes to get started and improve the track record of your billable work

2. Trusted by 1000+ teams

More than a thousdand of teams use Timenotes to track their time and provide the reports of billable rates and hours. Teams of consultants, self-employed, writers. web designers and developers, all kind of teams tracking time with Timenotes everyday!

3. Tasks & Time Logs In Sync

You can track working hours directly in Timenotes or connect your favourite project management tools to synchronise all the tasks you need to track. Use Timenotes web interface, mobile app or web extension and powerful timesheet interface to track your work.

Check out yourself why Timenotes is best Toggl alternative!