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Timenotes is a simple and smart attendance tracking software. The system aims to boost your productivity by reducing the hours of manual paperwork spent on traditional attendance tracking done in spreadsheets.

Attendance checker system
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What is Timenotes

Timenotes is an attendance tracking software focused on simplicity and powerful features designed for teams and single users. It stores employee attendance records automatically so you can access them anywhere anytime without worrying about regular paper timesheets which can be easily lost or damaged.

 How to attendance checker works? Team member logs in to the system, chooses work subject and adds time to it. Next, you can instantly check attendance results in Reports and download it in PDF, CSV or Excell file. From now on you can analyze and control your employee, class or students activities in few simple clicks.

Timenotes collects timesheet data including attendance tracking, time analysis, earnings, and costs calculations right in front of you. This will eliminate hours of manual paperwork or spreadsheets filling by accountants, managers, supervisors, employers, and employees but also students and their parents as well as teachers.

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Join Timenotes by adding new account

Click and sign up using your email or Google account in just a few seconds. Just type your name, create a password and get access to the online attendance checker. No credit card required.

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Members invitation

Invite team members

Gather your team in your workspace by sending them direct invitations over their email addresses. After confirming the invitation and creating an account, they will be able to start attendance tracking with Timenotes!



Employees attendance checker

Preview the results on the clean timesheet view. Monitor everything on the single screen summary containing all the records put in the system. Track employees profitability and enhance their motivation.




Track attendance timesheet

Attendance reports

Preview logged work hours in Reports

Choose filters and time range of your interest in order to export data into PDF, Excel or CSV file format. With just a few click, you can generate client, management or payroll reports. Create professional-looking and customized reports without struggling with Excel or paper timesheets.

Control missing meetings with attendance checker

Never miss the absence of your team members at a meeting or class hours. Check out the time off tracker in order to find out how you can track absences in the attendance checker and how it will help you manage the company.

Absence and attendance tracking

Main Attendance Tracking Software features

User friendly

Track activities and add work logs in real-time in seconds. All you need to do to track your time is click on "start" or "stop" button.

Live team progress

Control your employees working performance by checking their current activities and monitor if they track attendance efficiently.

Mobile devices

Timenotes supports you personal devices such as Android and iOS. Do not be worry if you forget to stop the timer, you can do it quickly from your phone even after leaving an office!

Timesheet locking

Do not allow to change past records which you consider as done. End your billing cycles safely without worrying about unwanted changes.

Flexible alerts

Schedule auto-reminders whenever someone does not follow your attendance policy. Set alerts for budgets and be informed when a certain level of the budget is exceeded.

Billable hours

Auto-calculated pay sheets will help you manage your costs and spendings to introduce full control over your income. Based on reliable data presented in a transparent way, make right decisions and boost your profitability!

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