Guides - How to track time for Trello projects

How to track time for Trello projects


In order to track time in Trello, you need to connect and configure Timenotes and Trello at first. Check out how to connect and-configure Trello integration. After the configuration, Trello projects should be seen in ‘Projects’ section on the sidebar in Timenotes.


There are 3 ways to track time for Trello projects, you can do it:

  • directly in Trello

Close to projects’ names in Trello, there is the start/stop button. Just click on it, when you want to start/stop tracking time for a particular Trello project. If you want to add time log in Trello, click on the project, go down to the ‘Actions’ section and select “Log Time”.


  • in Google Chrome extension

Click on the icon of Timenotes extension and star timer or add time logs.


  • in Timer both on your computer and phone

You can track Trello projects also traditionally in Timenotes. Enter ‘Timer’ on the sidebar and start Tracker or add time logs. Thanks to Timenotes all time logs are perfectly synchronised with Trello projects. Timer is also accessible in our mobile app so you can start and stop it whenever you need, even if you are away from your desktop. 


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